Jack Rogers Harper Wedges

Y'all. I just swooned a little bit. The moment I laid eyes on these beauties I knew it was the real deal. Usually I delete emails from stores without opening them because my inbox fills up so much during the day but for some reason I opened this particular email and I am SO glad that I did. What am I drooling over so much? The Jack Rogers Harper Wedge.

How amazing right?? The classic Jack Rogers stitching and details with a sassy splash of snakeskin is just genius. There is also a platinum version that is just as perfect! Sigh, someone who isn't a poor college kid buy these so I can see how precious they are styled different ways! Personally I would pair them with a swingy sundress or my bright coral pants!

Do you love the different style of shoes the Jack Rogers brand has ventured into other than the classic Navajo sandal? Let me know what you think!

Ps- After a little more than 6 months blogging I finally hit 50 followers! I know this seems not that big of a deal to y'all but I value each one of my 50 lovely followers and am so thankful that y'all read my little blog! xoxoxo

-Lanie W.

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