Back to school: Second Semester

Ah, spring semester. With no football my college town is considerably less crazy than it is in the fall, but the anticipation of warm weather and pool days gets me through the seemingly endless cold walks to class (boo 8ams!). At the beginning of fall semester I did a "first day of school" outfit post so I decided I would do a second semester one as well!

With freezing days dressing for class is now much more complicated since you have to layer, wear a scarf/gloves and obviously a coat of some sort. I hate feeling like I can't relax in class so while I always try to look put together I also strive for comfort.

Spring Semester

You can't go wrong with the tried and true riding boots/skinny jeans combo and I am loving the simplicity of this striped knit sweater, perfect for overly warm or cold class rooms! Adding my new obsession/Christmas presents the Women's Utility Barbour jacket & petite Ray Ban aviators and I'm ready to tackle a new semester!

I've ordered my books, now I just need to organize my binders and I'll be good to go! Are you ready for second semester? What do you plan  on wearing for the first day of class? Let me know!

-Lanie W.


  1. Enjoy that Barbour, girlfriend!

  2. Oh I have barely taken it off since I got it! Soo in love haha :)

  3. Love your blog! New follower :) this is like my go to every day outfit. Cut & comfy.

    -The Plaid Princess


  4. That totally made my day, thank you so much! Just visited your blog and followed! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    -Lanie W.


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